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Protection Is In Our Roots


1. 7301_Protection Is In Our Roots

Welcome to Oakwood Mutual, where protection is more than just a promise- it's ingrained in our very roots. As a local mutual insurance company, we take immense pride in being authentic, local, and deeply committed to making real connections with our policyholders. In fact, it’s our mission to provide insurance solutions that meet the unique needs of policyholders by being a trusted and reliable partner deeply embedded in the roots of our community.It’s our vision to be the trusted leader in protection solutions driven by expertise, innovation, creativity, and meaningful connections.

2. 7301_Comprehensive Coverage Options

At Oakwood Mutual, we build trustby honoring our centuries-long tradition of respect and human connection. Our comprehensive product offerings include Home, Farm, Tenant (Rental), Rental/Seasonal, Auto, and Liability policies, protecting our policyholder assets and meeting their specificrequirements. To break it down a little further:

  • Home - Our Homeowner policy ensures comprehensive coverage for our policyholders’ home and personal belongings, whether in the city or rural areas.
  • Farm - Our Farm Policy covers all aspects of our policyholders farming operation, supporting their livelihood and assets.
  • Tenant (Rental) - Renters can count on our Tenant Policy, providing protection for personal belongings while renting or subletting.
  • Rental/Seasonal - Investment property owners benefit from our tailored Dwelling Fire Policy, safeguarding against potential risks.
  • Auto - As an Oakwood Mutual policyholder, they enjoy discounts on Auto Policies through our partnership with Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company, ensuring customizable coverage for their vehicles.
  • Liability - Life's uncertainties are addressed with our Liability coverage, also offered through Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company. With optional endorsements, policyholders can trust us to protect their home, farm, tenant, rental, and seasonal risks.

Our unwavering dedication to personalized protection sets us apart, understanding the unique needs and challenges faced by our policyholders. At Oakwood Mutual, we're here to support them every step of the way.

7203C_Dedication to Exceptional Customer Service

We go above and beyond for our policyholders, demonstrating our commitment to providing exceptional service and support. For instance, when an insured experienced a devastating house fire in the middle of the night, our dedicated team sprang into action. Not only did we promptly respond to the emergency, but we also personally visited the policyholder, delivering a check the very same day to cover their immediate expenses.

This level of care and dedication is a true testament to our mission of being a trusted partner deeply embedded in the roots of our community. We prioritize our policyholders' well-being and strive to provide peace of mind during challenging times, ensuring they feel secure and supported. At Oakwood Mutual, we believe that genuine connections and personalized attention are at the heart of comprehensive protection.

In line with our commitment to exceptional service, Oakwood Mutual is excited to announce the launch of our new mobile-friendly Insured Portal. This innovative tool will grant your insureds quick access to their current policy information, saving time and money on labor. Once registered and logged in, the portal offers a range of benefits such as:

  • Access to two full years of policy declarations, notices, and schedules
  • Agency, mutual and policyholder contact information
  • The option to conveniently pay premiums online
  • Mutual employees will be able to monitor activity level on the dashboard

This digital initiative reflects our mission as a trusted partner, embracing technology to elevate the customer experience.

7203D_Making a Positive Impact in our Community

At Oakwood Mutual, being deeply rooted in the community is not just a statement; it's a way of life that we take immense pride in. Our commitment to the communities we serve goes far beyond merely providing insurance policies. We believe in actively contributing to the well-being and growth of the neighborhoods we call home.

One of the ways we demonstrate our dedication is through our support for local charities, volunteer fire departments, and the American Red Cross. We understand the importance of givingback to the community and helping those in need. As the primary sponsor of Decatur's annual Germanfest, we take great joy in celebrating the spirit of togetherness and cultural unity.

Additionally, we extend our support to local youth development by purchasing 4-H animals at multiple county fairs. Our participation in these events extends beyond financial contributions; it reflects our belief in supporting the next generation and contributing to our community's prosperity.

7203E_Connecting with Oakwood Mutual

Connecting with Oakwood Mutual is not only simple, but it's also tailored to our valued agents! Our website offers convenient access to our location and agent network, enabling you to serve your clients quickly and efficiently. Our local agents genuinely care and understand the unique needs of policyholders, ensuring personalized attention and exceptional service.

At Oakwood Mutual, we are dedicated to empowering our agents with the tools they need to provide exceptional support and build long-lasting relationships based on trust and reliability. We offer an open door for communication, ensuring your queries and concerns are heard and addressed promptly. Our flexible rating options and wide underwriting appetite enable you to tailor coverage to the specific needs of your clients.

Moreover, we continually expand our range of endorsements, providing enhanced coverage options that cater to diverse requirements. Our positive claim service feedback underscores our commitment to efficient claims handling, ensuring your clients receive the support they need.

As a bonus, you can connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn! Stay updated on the latest industry trends, company news, and valuable insights that can enhance your expertise and strengthen your client relationships.


At Oakwood Mutual, we deeply value the indispensable role agents play in our mission to be the trusted partner for policyholders, providing tailored insurance solutions, exceptional service, and prompt claims handling. Our vision is to be the trusted leader in protection solutions driven by expertise, innovation, creativity, and meaningful connections. As we move forward, rest assured that our commitment remains steadfast as your reliable partner, deeply embedded in the roots of our community. Embrace this journey with us, and together, let's build a secure future.


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